AFA and APFA Letter to Stop the Shutdown

AFA and APFA Letter to Stop the ShutdownAFA, APFA Letter

January 10, 2019 - Today, AFA-CWA and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants sent a joint letter to the President, Speaker Pelosi and Leader McConnell imploring them to end the government shutdown. Flight Attendants are united in calling for an end to the shutdown for our safety, security and protection of our jobs. Read the full letter >

Take Action

Call Congress now at 866-803-8830. The message is simple:

Pass the House bills, HR 21 and H. J. Res 1, and open the government. A debate about border security should take place while the government is open.

The whole industry is united in calling for an end to the Shutdown. In an unprecedented unified message, AFA joins the entire airline industry in calling on the President and Congress to #StopTheShutdown. The letter cites serious concerns over safety, security, and workforce hardships.

The Shutdown is becoming a very serious safety and security concern for our members, and if it continues the capacity to run the full aviation system will unravel -- leading to jeopardy of our members' jobs. We have a statement on this here:

We have been speaking out on this issue this week to express our concerns with the shutdown:

Rallies in Washington, DCStop the Shutdown Call to Action

Two rallies also took place in Washington, DC, to support ending the Shutdown. AFA International President Sara Nelson spoke at the rally hosted by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) on the Hill. ALPA International President Joe DePete spoke, along with industry groups, including airlines. We are unified across the industry in efforts to stop this shutdown.

On January 3, by a vote of 241-190, the House passed a $272.4 billion spending package (HR 21) combining six unfinished bills that would fund the Agriculture, Interior, Commerce, Justice, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Treasury and State departments through September. And by a margin of 239-192, the House passed a stopgap measure (HJ Res 1) extending current funding for the Department of Homeland Security through Feb. 8 to allow more time for negotiations on southern border security. This legislation was previously passed overwhelmingly by the Senate. It just needs to come to the floor for a vote again.

Help end the shutdown. Call now.


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