AFA-CWA & Union Plus Scholarships Awarded

AFA-CWA & Union Plus Scholarships Awarded

June 27, 2022 - The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to dependents of AFA Flight Attendants who will be attending a college or university.

This year's recipients of AFA-CWA Scholarships:

  1. Solène Brehm, child of Christopher Brehm, AFA Frontier Flight Attendant
  2. Laila Willis, child of Evelyn Willis, United AFA Flight Attendant
  3. Noah Lum, child of Winford Lum, Hawaiian AFA Flight Attendant

Alternate - Asher Blythe, child of Elizabeth Curtis, United AFA Flight Attendant

Additionally, Union Plus awarded six scholarships to AFA-CWA:

  1. Ivy Adams, child of United AFA Flight Attendant, Connie Adams
  2. Samantha Curry, child of United AFA Flight Attendant, Christina Curry
  3. Dianne Escalona, a United AFA Flight Attendant
  4. Kaila Gudinas-Castrucci, child of United AFA Flight Attendant, Renee Gudinas
  5. Isabelle Shook, child of AFA Alaska Flight Attendant, Veda Shook
  6. Sarah Solomon, a Hawaiian AFA Flight Attendant

Congratulations! We're so proud of you. 

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