AFA is Proud to Celebrate Black History Month!

AFA is Proud to Celebrate Black History Month!

February 6, 2022 - AFA is proud to celebrate Black History Month in February, an annual national observance that highlights the power and impact of the Black community.

While we celebrate the contributions of trailblazers, this month is not just a time to highlight history—we must take on racism, poverty and inequality today to make lasting change. That starts in our union, in our industry and our country.

In 2020, COVID-19 forced the world into an unprecedented, ongoing emergency—and the disproportionate harm of the pandemic shined a harsh light on modern inequities in our economy and our healthcare system. The murder of George Floyd shocked our country into action with more people marching against injustice in the streets than any other time in our history. And we declared that #BlackLivesMatter.

Racial justice and economic justice are interlocked—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and pioneers of the Civil Rights movement stood shoulder to shoulder with Labor leaders like A. Philip Randolph, Al Shanker and the Reuther brothers, understanding that economic freedom is key to self-determination.

Local Councils are distributing a Black History Month AFA pin and a Black Lives Matter AFA pin. Diversity and Inclusion pins were a concept put forward by AFA members through AFA structure. We now have a PRIDE pin, a Black History Month pin, Black Lives Matter pin. This year, we will be introducing an AAPI pin, Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month Pin, and Native American pin. We expect to hear from additional members who want to celebrate our diverse history, and we will take similar action when we do.

Recognizing Flight Attendants during Black History Month

AFA is highlighting Flight Attendant leaders and activists during Black History Month and we want to include you or a flying partner! Submit here >

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