AFA and Norse Atlantic Airways Reach Historic Pre-Hire Agreement with Neutrality and Contract Subject to Ratification by Future Crew

May 27, 2021 — We have reached an historic pre-hire agreement for U.S.-based Flight Attendant jobs at the new low-cost, long-haul start up airline, Norse Atlantic Airways! The airline expects to create a minimum of 700 Flight Attendant jobs in the U.S. and agreed to union neutrality with joint application for certification by the National Mediation Board once the Flight Attendants demonstrate majority interest in representation with AFA. 

The full contract, subject to ratification after certification of the union, includes industry-leading starting pay and job protections, healthcare, and a 401k among other key benefits.

“We are proud to provide a path of return to work for AFA members who flew in a similar long-haul, low-cost operation," said AFA President Sara Nelson. "Those Flight Attendants organized and successfully beat back misguided efforts by a different management to misclassify Flight Attendants as contractors. But, as soon as they won the fight and a contract the airline ceased operations in March 2020. Their hard work and commitment to our careers is paying off and raising the bar for Flight Attendants everywhere. Norse management is taking a refreshing approach to labor relations and demonstrating that the success of a business starts with good jobs. We are thrilled to announce this historic agreement and we look forward to getting people to work as soon as possible.” Read more >

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