AFA responds to Frontier management's bogus claims

AFA responds to Frontier management’s bogus claims

April 26, 2024 - Frontier management recently announced huge changes to their business model that negatively impact Flight Attendants’ ability to earn a living. Management’s plans essentially eliminate crew overnights, making it harder for Flight Attendants to earn a fair paycheck. Under this “out and back” model, Frontier Flight Attendants must deal with increased out-of-pocket costs and time at work without additional pay.

AFA sent Frontier management a formal bargaining notice to bring management to the table to negotiate these big changes. But so far, management hasn’t budged. They claim that these changes aren’t substantial enough to negotiate separately. They’re wrong.

This week, AFA legal responded to Frontier management and reiterated our collective bargaining rights, demanding management negotiate. The letter says in part:

“Frontier has failed to acknowledge that the AFA/Frontier Collective Bargaining Agreement becomes amendable on May 15, 2024, and there is no bar in place to parties raising disputes. As such we have provided a timely notice of this specific dispute and request to bargain as provided for in Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act. Thus, the Company has a legal obligation to meet with the union within ten days of receipt of that notice and any refusal to do so is a violation of the Railway Labor Act.”

Sign our petition to tell Frontier management that corporate greed won’t fly.

We will keep fighting to make sure management’s business decisions don’t simply transfer costs to Frontier Flight Attendants.

Read our most recent response, the full press release, and notice to Frontier management.

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