AFA Statement on Frontier Tipping Policy

January 4, 2019 — In response to Frontier Airlines' change in tipping policy, Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) International President Sara Nelson released the following statement:

“Flight Attendants are certified for our safety, health, and security work. Safety is not variable and therefore base compensation for a safety job cannot be variable.

“Tipping is not part of a Flight Attendant's compensation for serving as aviation’s first responders. Over AFA objections when the function went onboard nearly three years ago, Management moved forward with a tipping option for passengers in hopes it would dissuade Flight Attendants from standing together for a fair contract - and in an effort to shift additional costs to passengers. The tactic failed as Flight Attendants recently voted 99% to authorize a strike and back up AFA contract demands.

“Nothing will distract us from continuing to fight for a contract with increased wages and improved working conditions at Frontier.

“Tipping has been onboard at Frontier Airlines for nearly three years. While AFA has objected in total to the concept, our union also ensures this management initiative is implemented fairly and fully. Recently, management failed to properly distribute the tips passengers intended to give to the crew. The new tipping distribution process will create better transparency to ensure Flight Attendant are receiving the tips passengers intended to give.

“Regardless of the tip issue, Frontier Airlines needs to step up and pay aviation’s first responders a wage that recognizes their critical safety role onboard.”

AFA represents 50,000 Flight Attendants at 20 airlines including Frontier.


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