AFA Talks #MeToo Onboard at DISPAX Unruly Passenger Conference

AFA Talks #MeToo Onboard at DISPAX Unruly Passenger Conference

September 20, 2019 — AFA Vice President Debora Sutor spoke at the DISPAX Conference leading a session on Sexually Deviant Behaviour Inflight: Reaching Epidemic Proportions. Deb talked about the industry’s sexist past and how it often continues to define the atmosphere in the aircraft cabin; how today's cabin environment plays a big role in the rise of incidents on planes; and the communication issues around the reporting chain when an incident occurs in flight – and how to mitigate broken links in the chain.

AFA continues to be a leader in the industry on this subject. Our  sexual harassment and assault surveys continue to be used as a foundation for governments, aviation regulatory agencies, and management around the world to address the issue of sexual misconduct in the cabin. 

AFA United MEC Safety Chair Sheryl Stroup also spoke at the conference about AFA and United's collaborative "Passenger Incident Review Committee" that addresses incidents of physical assault against crewmembers. 

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