AFA Alaska Flight Attendants Vote 99.48% to Authorize a Strike

AFA Alaska Flight Attendants Vote 99.48% to Authorize a Strike

February 16, 2024 — At pickets up and down the West Coast on Tuesday, Alaska leaders announced the strike authorization vote. Alaska Flight Attendants voted 99.48% yes, with 93.47% participating, on strike authorization should management fail to agree to significant improvements.

“Our time is now!” said AFA Alaska President Jeffrey Peterson. “Alaska Flight Attendants today backed up our fight for an industry-leading contract with a 99.48% strike vote. And we’re out on the picket line demonstrating that we’re ready to do whatever it takes to get the contract we deserve. There’s no excuse: Alaska management has the money to buy another airline, they certainly have the money to invest in Flight Attendants.”

The last time Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants went on strike was the famous 1993 strike, where Flight Attendants took over the schedule using AFA’s trademarked strike strategy, Creating Havoc Around Our System™ or CHAOS™. In 1993’s strike, Alaska saw dramatic reductions in ticket bookings as passengers never knew whether Alaska flights might take off until they had already arrived at the airport. Read more.

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