All Call: #ReliefNow Action

All Call: #ReliefNow Action

December 1, 2020 - It's been two months since 100,000 aviation workers lost a paycheck and many lost health insurance. Our #ReliefNow Day of Action today continues our fight to extend the Payroll Support Program and relief for all working Americans. 

NEW THIS MORNING: A bipartisan group of Senators introduced a roughly $908 billion proposal Tuesday morning that would provide, among other things, $45 billion for transit, including our Payroll Support Program. This is real but we have to get loud very quickly to get it done! 

WATCH: AFA President Sara Nelson's Update about what this means >

Flight Attendants are taking action today in Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles. Those of us who cannot join in person need to flood Congressional phone lines and Twitter today and everyday this week. 

Call Congress

SENATE: 888-848-4824
HOUSE: 888-907-9365

"Hello, I am a constituent calling to tell my (Senator/Representative) that we need relief and an extension of the Payroll Support Program TODAY. Essential workers from the first days of COVID are now out of work and without healthcare. Conditions for those still at work are getting worse. The whole country is hurting and our #WorkersFirst Payroll Support program is a jobs and infrastructure plan that is the best use of the public's money and could work as a template of relief for the whole country. Without it, we don't have the people, planes, or routes in place to effectively distribute a vaccine or help our nation recover. Inaction is not an option. #ExtendPSP We need #ReliefNow. Thank you.”

Tweet Your Representative and Senators (add pictures of you in uniform to each!):

We've made it easy to Tweet at your lawmakers. Click here to get started. Or, you can copy and paste the following Tweets into your Twitter. 

  • Tell your personal story using the hashtags #ReliefNow and #ExtendPSP
  • Flight Attendants are hurting—losing our jobs, healthcare, homes, more. We need #ReliefNow, not later. NOW. Relief can't wait. #ExtendPSP
  • I’m one of thousands of furloughed Flight Attendants who needs [tag your Senators/Representative] to act to extend the Payroll Support Program TODAY. We need #ReliefNow! #ExtendPSP

If you do not know your Senators or Representatives' Twitter handles you can find them here! Don't have Twitter, set up an account today to take action. Here's how 

We are in the middle of this crisis and relief, including PSP, cannot wait. TAKE ACTION NOW. 

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