Automatic Payroll Deduction of Dues

Why am I receiving a bill?


Q. Why am I being billed for Dues? I thought my dues were automatically deducted from my paycheck.
If you are signed up for automatic payroll deduction (Dues Check Off or DCO) AND dues were not deducted from your paycheck, you will receive a bill in the mail.
How do we determine this?
Each month, your airline deducts dues from your paycheck. After the deduction is made, the dues money, along with a file of each member who had dues deducted, is sent to AFA. We process this file in our database. If your name is not on the file that the company has sent us as having dues deducted, our system will invoice you for that month.

For further assistance, contact us at Contact Membership Services or

Ext. 2 - Ballot Helpline
Ext. 3 - Dues and Account information

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