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Message from AFA Executive Board Meeting Representatives

September 17, 2015

We are profoundly disappointed to read the "Union Update" posted online by Marcus Valentino on September 14, 2015 that mischaracterizes the actions of our union. We are all Flight Attendants and we do this work because we care about you. As leaders, we take our role seriously to ensure our union is strong and that we all have the necessary resources to defend and advance our contracts, further our legislative agenda and engage all members in our union. For those reasons we believe it is necessary to address the record and to assure you that our union is taking action to protect all members.

As the body with the sole authority to approve the opening of a new Council, on September 10th, we thoroughly reviewed the request from the Continental MEC for a new Council in SFO. Based on the facts of the situation the Executive Board did not vote to approve the establishment of a Council at this time. During the course of the discussion we emphasized that we fundamentally support Local Council representation when members call for it and growth supports it. We made clear that the potential addition of flying to SFO in March provides time to keep the focus on negotiating a joint contract now. With a new CEO at United, we have an opportunity to use this change to reach agreement on an industry-leading contract that finally rewards all United Flight Attendants for your sacrifices and hard work you have made to allow United to make record profits. All efforts should be made to keep the focus on improving conditions for 25,000 Flight Attendants. The Executive Board reiterated that opening an SFO Council could be revisited.

Let us be clear: the idea that the Executive Board or any of the AFA leadership has, as the Update alleges, engaged in "self-interest, deceit, corruption, character assassination, or the elimination of 11,000 s-CAL voices" is quite simply not true.

The Executive Board and AFA leadership remain committed to working hard to represent the interests of all AFA members and we will not allow your voice to be diminished, especially as we face perhaps the greatest opportunity we've ever had to improve industry standards for Flight Attendants. Any time accusations or allegations of a serious nature come forward, we carefully and thoroughly evaluate such charges and take action in a manner that best supports all Flight Attendants we represent and is consistent with the AFA Constitution. More importantly, we will continue to encourage the elected leaders of Continental, Continental Micronesia and United Flight Attendants to take definitive steps to secure a joint contract and a unified Flight Attendant group.

Rest assured, as leaders from around our industry, we are proud to lock arms with pre-merger Continental, United and Continental Micronesia Flight Attendants as you work together to shape your future success at the new United Airlines. Your success is our success. Discussion and debate make us stronger. These are the hallmarks of democracy and our union. We make better decisions when listening to each other and considering all facts. And we speak with one voice. We work hard to ensure each member of AFA-CWA, from day one of our careers, is supported, included and represented equally. This is our mission and our charge as leaders of our Flight Attendant union. We stand with you.

In Solidarity,

Representatives of the 40th AFA-CWA Executive Board Meeting, September 9-10, 2015

Jeffrey Peterson
Alaska MEC President
Robert Barrow
Envoy MEC President
Erin McGrogan
Air Wisconsin MEC President
Suzanne Hendricks
CMI MEC President
Michael Nelson
Compass MEC Vice President
Rebecca Reiners
Endeavor MEC President
Angie Piller
Frontier MEC President
Sharon Soper
Hawaiian MEC President
Lexie Graham
Horizon Air MEC President
Natasha Glasper
Miami Air MEC President
Brian Manning
Mesa MEC President
Hamilton Kaopua
Omni MEC President
Anita Jwanouskos
Piedmont MEC President
Lisa Heinselman
PSA MEC President
Tahja Roberts
Silver MEC President
Cherlyn Ceridon
Spirit MEC Secretary-Treasurer
Ken Diaz
United MEC President

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