Boston Tragedy: Confirming Wellness of All AFA Members

It is reported this afternoon that at least two large explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon have caused the death of two and several other injuries. It is not yet clear the extent of this incident, nor the actions behind it. We encourage all members to be vigilant across the nation.

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA EAP (AFA Employee Assistance Program) Department has activated their response effort to support any potential AFA members affected by the tragedy near the finish line of the Boston Marathon today.

AFA EAP Representatives and local leadership at each airline are in the process of confirming wellness of all crews laying over in Boston. In addition, we are working to confirm the wellness of all Flight Attendants based in Boston or living in the Boston area.

If you need assistance, please contact AFA EAP directly at 800-424-2406 or use this contact list to find your AFA EAP MEC or LEC Chairperson:

If you are based in Boston or live in the Boston area and are well – please confirm with us by calling 855-868-3232 to help us make do a positive confirmation for wellness of all AFA members potentially affected.

In Summary:

  • If you need help – call AFA EAP at 800-424-2406
  • If you are based in Boston or live in the Boston area and you are well please confirm by calling 855-868-3232.

Coping with the News of the Boston Marathon Bombings

When we hear about or experience a tragedy of this magnitude, the brain and central nervous systems immediately respond. They cover our emotions with a protective “blanket” we sometimes call shock. Shock allows us to try to function in our lives while processing the tragedy of this event. For some, shock recedes very quickly and for others, it hangs on. We are all different and there is no right or wrong way to experience shock. As shock falls away, emotions will make their way to the surface. It is very normal to feel a “roller coaster” of emotions following the shock stage. Emotions may ebb and flow. Emotions may feel manageable one second and out of control the next.

You don’t have to be alone while experiencing shock and emotions. Contact your local AFA Employee Assistance Program (EAP) committee representative. Their number can be found at or through our toll free help line 1-800- 424-2406.

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