Coalition of Flight Attendants Unions Calls For Standardization of PED Policies For Consistent Flight Experience


Washington, DC – The Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions, representing Flight Attendants at carriers across the county, today called for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and airlines to focus efforts on standardizing portable electronic device (PED) policies across the industry for maximum safety and consistency. Earlier today, FAA unveiled new guidelines that would enable airlines to ultimately permit usage of PEDs from gate-to-gate, during all phases of flight.

“While we support the safe expansion of technology onboard the aircraft, it is critical that we do not diminish the safety of flight. It is important that the FAA and industry work together to develop uniform standards of ensuring that every aircraft is PED tolerant and that proper stowage protocols are being followed.
 “For the safety and efficiency of each flight, Flight Attendants and passengers should be able to board the aircraft with the understanding that it has undergone extensive testing and proven tolerant to the effects of PED use. Additionally, there has been a great deal of research indicating that proper stowage of items in the aircraft drastically reduce injuries during emergencies. These established policies of securing loose items during take-off and landing must be adhered to on every flight, regardless of airline.
 “It is important for both Flight Attendants and passengers to have a consistent standard for stowage and PED tolerance across the board. We call on the FAA and industry to work with key stakeholders on developing a uniform standard which would reduce confusion and frustration in the cabin,” said leaders from the three unions.
 Media Contacts: Corey Caldwell, AFA-CWA, [email protected]; Jamie Horwitz, TWU, [email protected]; James Carlson, IAM, [email protected]
 The Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions coordinates on issues of mutual interest to Flight Attendants. Members of the Coalition are the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, Transport Workers Union, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

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