Congress Introduces Resolution to Establish International Black Aviation Professionals Day

Congress Introduces Resolution to Establish International Black Aviation Professionals Day

February 18, 2022 - On Wednesday, the Georgia Congressional delegation celebrated Black excellence in the field of aviation on International Black Aviation Professionals Day. Black aviators--including pilots, air traffic controllers, skycaps, flight attendants, ground crew members, and more--have been and continue to be instrumental to the success of the aviation industry, overcoming often insurmountable odds. 

The resolution will designate February 16th as International Black Aviation Professionals Day. Senator Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.) will introduce companion legislation in the Senate. 

"Cheers to establishing International Black Aviation Professional Day and recognizing the contributions of Black Americans to aviation," said Sara Nelson, AFA President. "Decades after trailblazers like Ruth Carol Taylor and Willa Brown made history in aviation, Black workers still face barriers to entry and discrimination on the job. Today is about breaking barriers and lifting the strength of an inclusive workplace. As we celebrate the past and present of Black aviation, we also recommit ourselves to the work of addressing bias and obliterating discrimination so our industry and our unions can live up to our nation’s highest ideals.”

The resolution recognizes many Black aviators including the first all black, all female crew. On Feb 12, 2009, the first ever all female, all African-American commercial flight operated from Atlanta to Nashville on Atlantic Southeast Airlines. Captain Rachelle Jones Kerr, First Officer Stephanie Grant and Flight Attendants Robin Rogers and Diana Galloway made history on the flight. Watch the video >

We continue to highlight AFA members during Black History Month. So far, we've recognized Chip Hestle from Alaska AFA, and this week, we recognized Doris Davis from Mesa AFA, and Kristien Bowen-Sherman from Spirit AFA. 

“Doris is a mother figure who is always there for anyone,” said Traci Hagans, Mesa AFA Council 88 President. “Her patience, words of guidance and genuine love for her flying partners encourages us all to be our best selves.Her selfless work as the MEC EAP chair has saved so many lives and careers.” 

"Krissy stepped up to help the members of Council 74 during the start of the pandemic. Since then, she has been an integral part of  our EAP Committee and our New Hire Committee," said David Bedene Spirit AFA Council 74 LECP.

Send pictures of your All Black Crews to [email protected].

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