Congress is Moving on the FAA Bill

Rest Now: It's About Safety, Health and Equality.

September 20, 2018 — The House and Senate committee leadership are talking right now to determine whether they can agree on a long-term FAA Reauthorization bill to be adopted before the September 30, 2018 extension deadline. 

While not yet certain, there is a good chance Congress will actually pass a bill before the end of the month. So this is it!

Here in DC, we are working all of our internal channels to make this a success for us, but the reality is that the committee Republican leadership in the Senate is working hard to reduce 10 hours to only 9.

We need your calls TODAY to ensure the Senate maintains the House 10 hours irreducible rest language. CALL 855-534-1774 NOW and say:

"I am a Flight Attendant and a constituent. The FAA bill is coming together in pre-conference. I would like my Senator to weigh in with Chairman Thune to tell him to maintain the House language of 10 Hours Rest for Flight Attendants and not a minute less, in the FAA Reauthorization Bill. It's about safety, health and equality — we are the only country in the world to have different minimum rest for Flight Attendants and Pilots.  Please let me know if my Senator is able to make that call. This is our top safety priority as Flight Attendants. Thank you."

Safety: 7 fatigue studies commissioned by Congress confirm Flight Attendants are fatigued and more rest is needed so that aviation's first responders can do our jobs.

Health: Study results released in June 2018 by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that Flight Attendants have a significantly higher rate of cancer than the general public, even though the general public is on average less fit. Lack of sleep and interrupted sleep are cited as contributing factors. Fatigue also contributes to other health risks.

Equality: The United States is the only country in the world that doesn't have consistent rest rules for flight deck and cabin crews. Since 2014, U.S. pilots have had 10 hours minimum rest. It is concerning that Flight Attendants in the U.S. are not provided the same minimum rest standard of 10 hours.

 Call the Senate now at 855-534-1774.

After you make your call, text a flying partner and tell them to call. We need every Flight Attendant to weigh in with their Senators to make our 10 hours rest a reality.

More Background:

Remember that the House bill, adopted overwhelmingly 393-13, contains our 10 hour irreducible language, the Flags of Convenience Don't Fly Here language that stops an avenue to outsource our jobs, and many other provisions important to Flight Attendants. The Senate never passed a bill, so individual Senators can weigh in with committee leadership and staff to press for our rest and our jobs.

 Call the Senate now at 855-534-1774.

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