Flight Attendant Union Slams American Airlines Management For Dismissing Proposals Containing Significant Savings

Washington, DC – The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) American Eagle President Robert Barrow issued the following statement today after American Airlines management dismissed recent AFA proposals that would have resulted in significant cost savings for the American Eagle subsidiary: “We are appalled and disappointed at the flippant disregard by American Airlines management throughout this bankruptcy process, especially in negotiating provisions which would have a direct impact on the company’s alleged longevity problem.

“Recently we presented two sensible longevity solutions within proposals that would have provided management with immediate financial relief at zero cost. Not only did American Airlines executives refuse to discuss these proposals, they flatly refused to even consider the possibilities. They seem bent on achieving their pre-determined concessions without contemplating alternative measures.

“American Airlines management’s heavy handed approach to pin all of their poor business decisions and failures on the hard working and dedicated work force must be stopped. The lives of tens of thousands of workers and their families hang in the balance. This is not a game. The pain being inflicted by management is very real, affecting real families.

“We demand that American Airlines management reconsider our proposals, which go to the heart of immediate savings at zero cost, and bargain with us in good faith as required by the Court of New York.”

AFA represents over 1,800 Flight Attendants at American Eagle.

The Association of Flight Attendants is the world’s largest Flight Attendant union. Focused 100 percent on Flight Attendant issues, AFA has been the leader in advancing the Flight Attendant profession for over 65 years. Serving as the voice for Flight Attendants in the workplace, in the aviation industry, in the media and on Capitol Hill, AFA has transformed the Flight Attendant profession by raising wages, benefits and working conditions.  Nearly 60,000 Flight Attendants at 21 airlines come together to form AFA, part of the 700,000-member strong Communications Workers of America (CWA), AFL-CIO. Visit us at www.afacwa.org.

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