Flight Attendant Volunteer Healthcare Force

Flight Attendant Volunteer Medical Assistance Force

**This volunteer opportunity is no longer active.** 

March 31, 2020 — We have heard from many Flight Attendants that you would like to do more to support our medical community.

1,800 of Aviation's First Responders have already stepped up to say you want to help our health care sisters and brothers on the ground during this crisis.

Through our partnership with Volunteer Surge, AFA is helping connect you with opportunities to provide surge capacity in your community. There are two ways to join:

First, sign up for free online training through the Yale School of Public Health. You will have two choices: a 25-hour online course to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, OR an abbreviated TeleSupport training to help answer questions and guide people to the correct help.

Once you're trained, you can choose the types of assistance you'd like to provide, from helping triage patients at clinics and hospitals to providing phone support for individuals seeking information. This is entirely voluntary and AFA is simply making you aware of the opportunity.

As our health care worker sisters and brothers work to treat patients and save lives, we can put our skills to work to support them and our communities.

We are also working with the Department of Transportation and Health and Human Services on a government sponsored program. This program is not yet defined, but we are providing the government with a list of assurances we need for the program to work. Adequate protections including PPE, training, expenses, hazard pay, other long-term recognition of your efforts.

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