Flight Attendants are Essential Workers

Flight Attendants are Essential Workers

April 27, 2020

Dear Flight Attendants:

Today is Essential Worker Day. It’s a day to celebrate all the people on the frontlines who are keeping our nation safe, fed, and connected even in the midst of social distancing.

This pandemic makes clear that every job has value. Where would we be without hospital workers, grocery workers, truckers, food delivery and gig workers, sanitation workers, farm workers, public transit workers, cleaning crews from hospitals to airports, postal workers?

Even with our schedules at 10-20% of normal levels, Flight Attendants are still working and providing essential service to our nation. Flight Attendants have been on the frontlines of coronavirus since the beginning, and many studies show we are the most likely exposed workers after healthcare.

Today, let’s celebrate the people we all count on to live right now, and celebrate our work and our flying partners. Share your stories on social media and post pictures. This is a coordinated activity through your union and you may certainly share your experience and recognizing others through social media posts that are as professional as the work we do.

We want to lift up our work as we advocate for proper PPE, cleaning, and social distancing for ourselves and passengers in airports and on our planes. We are also promoting hazard pay, and sick pay or minimum pay for those who do not have it. Keep our work in the public eye by sharing your own story or one about a flying partner who made a difference for you.

Include your favorite hashtags: #EssentialWorkers #WhyWeFly #HazardPay #CrewLife #PPE

Also, today and everyday, email us at [email protected] with your stories and photos so that we can continue to lift up our work as Aviation's First Responders. 

We also encourage you to tell stories about essential workers who made a difference for you or your family. Remind decision makers that all work has dignity and we need to keep a #WorkersFirst focus as relief packages are put together for the people who create all the value and provide the backbone of our economy.

Celebrate each other today, and share personal struggle and heart ache too. Throughout all of the challenges we face, we are always stronger and better together.

In Solidarity,

Sara, Deb, Kevin
AFA International Officers

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