Flight Attendants, Pilots, Air Marshals, Law Enforcement and Members of Congress Rally at LAX For No Knives On Planes

Reps. Maxine Waters and Janice Hahn Join Forces with Flight Attendants and Allies Against Knives on Planes

Los Angeles – At the same time flight attendants across the country leaflet passengers to expand support for keeping knives off the plane, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) is hosting a rally and press conference on the issue today at Los Angeles International Airport. Joined by Representatives Maxine Waters and Janice Hahn (D-CA), TSA screeners, pilots, ground workers, airport police, and frequent fliers, flight attendants will call on the travelling public to sign the www.NoKnivesOnPlanes.com  petition to the White House. Passengers will also be encouraged to call on Congress to support legislation to overturn TSA Administrator Pistole’s abrupt policy change.

“TSA’s recent decision to change the list of prohibited items to allow knives and sporting equipment onboard planes defies logic,” said Congresswoman Maxine Waters. “TSA apparently made this decision without any formal consultation with the people who would be most impacted by the decision – flight attendants, pilots, air marshals, and passengers. I urge TSA to keep knives and sporting equipment on the list of prohibited items and consult with all stakeholders before making any changes to this critical list.”

“I strongly oppose the recent TSA decision to allow knives on planes. We know the destruction that terrorists with knives on planes did on September 11. This change is a danger for the passengers, but particularly the flight attendants. This is a huge step backwards and I urge TSA to revert back to the no knives policy on flights,” said Congresswoman Janice Hahn.

Press Conference “It’s No Joke: No Knives, Ever Again”
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Tom Bradley International Departure Level
Date and Time: April 1, 2013, 12:30 pm Pacific Time

Air Marshals, Pilots, Transportation Security Officers and airline CEOs agree with Flight Attendants. The people on the front lines of aviation security know that allowing knives on planes is a bad idea. No knives on planes, ever again.

The Association of Flight Attendants is the world’s largest Flight Attendant union. Focused 100 percent on Flight Attendant issues, AFA has been the leader in advancing the Flight Attendant profession for 67 years. Serving as the voice for Flight Attendants in the workplace, in the aviation industry, in the media and on Capitol Hill, AFA has transformed the Flight Attendant profession by raising wages, benefits and working conditions. Nearly 60,000 Flight Attendants come together to form AFA, part of the 700,000-member strong Communications Workers of America (CWA), AFL-CIO. Visit us at www.afacwa.org.

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