Green New Deal

Averting Climate Catastrophe

A climate catastrophe threatens Flight Attendants’ jobs and our safety at work. From the projected rise in severe turbulence to increases in weather-related disruptions, Flight Attendants see and feel the growing consequences of inaction in our daily lives.

Solutions to climate change don’t threaten our jobs, it’s climate change itself that’s the job killer.

The Green New Deal

Our union endorses the Green New Deal because we know only a major mobilization across sectors can protect our jobs and save the planet for our children. We also know that any climate legislation must be rooted firmly in promoting good, union jobs and protections of income, retirement, and healthcare for workers in affected industries.

The Green New Deal is a resolution meant to guide the legislative process. The resolution explicitly calls for legislation to consult with labor unions and affected workers to ensure the voices of those on the frontlines are heard and respected. Additionally, it explicitly calls for increased worker protections, strengthening workers’ rights to organize and form unions, expanding labor laws, and providing universal health coverage for every American.

Averting climate catastrophe will take a society-wide mobilization. Government, industry and private citizens must all do our part.

AFA will continue to work with all partners in government and industry to find innovative ways we can help avoid a climate catastrophe.

AFL-CIO 2017 Convention Resolution 55: Climate Change, Energy and Union Jobs

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