Happy International Flight Attendant Appreciation Day!

Happy International Flight Attendant Appreciation Day!

May 31, 2019

I am so proud to represent Aviation’s First Responders! Our dedication to aviation safety has never been so clear to the public. We stood together and alongside other aviation unions to demand an end to the government shutdown for our safety, security, and our nation’s entire economy. We called for the grounding of the 737Max, accomplished lifesaving work on Miami Air 293 and Aeroflot 1492, along with countless other stories of events that became uneventful because Flight Attendants were on the scene.

We have lifted the issue of cabin air quality, achieved meaningful advances under the law to address fatigue and we will keep pushing forward until legislation is passed to ensure clean cabin air and our 10 hours rest is rightfully implemented according to the law. We are defining the very real issues with reduced Flight Attendant staffing and building a case to increase staffing levels across our industry. The public, the media, and Capitol Hill are taking note of the powerful voices of Flight Attendants and we will continue to use the recognition we are gaining to press forward on real advancements for our careers, our families, and all of the people who travel with us as well as the communities we visit around the world.

Flight Attendant Appreciation Day

Through our union we are standing together for equality – lifting the voices of women, LGBTQ members, and all of the individuals who make our union strong. Today is the last day the AFA Census is open and in honor of Flight Attendant Appreciation Day, I encourage you to complete the census and ensure your crew or friends have done the same. Flight Attendants are diverse and our strength comes from lifting up every experience, every perspective of our union in leadership positions and membership voices. The Census seeks to understand our strengths and the many experiences and skills of Flight Attendants to make us stronger. So please take a moment in the next few hours to add your valuable voice.

Finally, remember that in our job we have more contact with the public than almost any other profession. We have a unique view of our world as every flight is a microcosm of our country and our world. And, we have an ability to shape the tone of our world through our role as aviation’s first responders. I have seen Flight Attendants do healing work in this way over and over, resetting the perspective of someone at their wits’ end or offering hope with kindness for those struggling with loss or challenges in their lives. We are natural unifiers – and today our union celebrates our work and each of you. We are Stronger Together, Better Together!

Cheers to each of you today and every day.

Fly safe,

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