Historic New International Officer Team Starts Term Next Week

Historic New International Officer Team Starts Term Next Week

May 28, 2022 - Earlier this month, the directly-elected AFA leaders from 17 airlines re-elected Sara Nelson as International President by acclamation to serve the new four year term. Keturah Johnson was elected as International Vice President and Dante Harris as International Secretary-Treasurer, both for first terms. The new term of office begins June 1, 2022.

Keturah Johnson is a 35 year old queer woman of color, combat veteran from Piedmont Airlines. Dante Harris is a 44 year old black United Airlines Flight Attendant with 22 years of service. This officer team is the most diverse in the union's history.

READ: Flight Attendants Fighting Back. The New Yorker features our unions’ decades-long work to turn our jobs into a career for anyone with the heart of a Flight Attendant. Today, after fighting successfully to save our careers during COVID-19, we’re helping Delta Flight Attendants organize and working to lift our careers higher across the industry.

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