Join Us in DC for Democracy Awakening

Join Us in DC for Democracy Awakening

March 28, 2016 — As Flight Attendants, we are proud of our diversity within our airlines and our union.

But each day, our rights are attacked by lobbyists, special interests and corporations that want to make it harder for us to fight for better wages and benefits in the workplace. 

It is time for us to stand in solidarity and show that TOGETHER we will build a nation that is of, by, and for the people.

Democracy Awakening is a nationwide mobilization to demand action from Congress on issues including inequality, providing healthcare to all and ensuring everyone is paid a living wage.

That's why, on April 18th, in Washington, D.C., we'll be joining thousands of activists for a day of non-violent direct action and advocacy to Rally for Democracy. 

Join us and more than 150 organizations in demanding a democracy that works for all of us. If you have any interest or questions, please email us here.

In Solidarity, 

Krystle Cook
AFA-CWA Next Generation Lead Activist 

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