New Option of PreCheck for Non-Uniform Crewmember

New Option of PreCheck for Non-Uniform Crewmember

January 21, 2020 — The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today announced an expanded option for non-uniformed crewmembers transiting security checkpoints with a crew badge. Crewmembers with a badge may now utilize the PreCheck lines out of uniform. All security screening requirements for PreCheck still apply. Liquid and gel exceptions continue to only apply to uniformed crewmembers

Please note that this is a new procedure that recognizes our trusted status as federally certified crewmembers. The new procedure is being communicated to all airports, but it is possible the new procedures may take a few days or a week to be fully implemented. As always, respectfully question if you receive instruction from a TSA officer that is different than what we have communicated, but always comply with the TSA officer’s instructions.

Non-uniformed crewmembers may still access KCM checkpoints, but please note that random, alternate screening procedures are still in effect at high occurrence rates. This new option for non-uniformed crewmembers is a provision of the overall Known Crewmember program that recognizes our role in aviation security.

We fought hard to be included in KCM program. It is both a privilege as trusted crewmembers and a responsibility as part of aviation security. We all need to work together to ensure it continues to promote security and compliments our work as aviation’s last line of defense.

Please continue to follow all KCM program requirements.

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