KCM Update August 28, 2019

KCM Update August 28, 2019

(August 28, 2019) - Your reports have been extremely helpful in addressing issues. We received one tenth the number of reports that we did yesterday - so you made a huge difference in helping us resolve issues. Keep reporting any discrepancies. The reporting for link is at the end of this message.

Effective now, selection for Unpredictable Screening Procedures (USP) aka "random selection" is increased while TSA continues its audit of the KCM program. This means an increased number of crewmembers utilizing KCM will be selected for random screening through TSA precheck. If crewmembers are selected, they will be directed to TSA precheck. If in uniform, crewmember exemptions for gels, liquids, and aerosols apply. If not in uniform, TSA precheck screening requirements apply.

We continue to encourage all Flight Attendants to comply with procedures and instructions at KCM and all security checkpoints. All stations have been advised by TSA HQ, there is no uniform requirement. Please respectfully question any instructions at a security checkpoint that are not in line with communicated procedures. But if the Officer does not change the instruction, comply and utilize this report form so we can address the issue directly with TSA.

KCM Reporting Form and Questions:


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