Labor Day is Our Day

Labor Day is Our Day

September 2, 2022 — Happy Labor Day, Flight Attendants! This is your day. It’s the day to celebrate our work and recognize that we bring all of the value to our economy. 

But over the last 50 years the corporate elite has pushed hard to destroy our unions, our contracts, and make us work harder for less – telling us we should feel lucky to have a job. 

This Labor Day – celebrate each other and every worker we see so we can build power together to make management feel lucky to have our work.

Watch our AFA Labor Day Message.

On this Labor Day, tell a flying partner or another worker “Thank you.” Every single action of kindness and respect has an impact on us all. We want to tell all of you, thank you. We couldn’t be more proud to represent Flight Attendants and be on your crew. The truth is, the best part of our job is being together. Fly safe and know the world is watching your leadership. Together, we can make it a world with liberty and justice for all. Happy Labor Day.

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