Lack of New Contract Leads to Financial Insecurity, Alaska AFA Survey Finds

Lack of New Contract Leads to Financial Insecurity, Alaska AFA Survey Finds

May 12, 2024—A significant number of Alaska Flight Attendants report notable financial insecurity and stress due to stagnant pay, according to a new member survey. The results of the survey make clear the need for a strong contract. Earlier this year, 99.48% of Alaska Flight Attendants voted in favor of authorizing a strike after a year of delay tactics from management.

An astounding 79% of those responding reported facing financial instability due to Alaska Flight Attendant pay, with 30% considering leaving the Inflight department for financial reasons. Approximately 52% of all Alaska Flight Attendants completed the survey.

AFA Alaska President Jeffrey Peterson: “While Alaska Airlines executives reward themselves with millions in bonuses, frontline Flight Attendants literally have to choose between buying groceries and paying their bills. By dragging out contract negotiations, management is harming Flight Attendants. Enough delay. We demand a fair contract now. The time has come for management to reach an agreement or face CHAOS™.”

Management must significantly raise Flight Attendant pay and get this contract done now.

Read the press release here.

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