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Investigative Thriller: A Dark Reflection


Fact Not Fiction Films’ “A Dark Reflection,” which raises awareness about crew and passenger cabin air quality, will be released worldwide in 2015. Based on actual events, this Erin Brokovich-style investigative thriller tells a compelling story about cabin air quality and unravels what the airline industry knows about exposure to oil fumes inflight.

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AFA Coordinates Meeting with Key Agencies


Last night news reports confirmed an Ebola case in New York. A young emergency medicine doctor working with Doctors Without Borders, Craig Spencer, contracted the virus in Guinea and traveled to New York (JFK) on October 17. Although he traveled by air from Brussels, he did not exhibit symptoms until 5 days after returning to the United States – beginning Thursday morning, October 23. He was rushed to Bellevue Hospital from his apartment in Manhattan after reporting stomach pains and a fever. His apartment, two close friends and his fiancé have all been placed in quarantine. A new round of media attention and public concern is raging. It appears that the response in NY is more controlled - some lessons learned from Dallas.

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Doctor with Ebola in New York stable; nurse is virus-free


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Authorities retraced the steps of an American doctor with Ebola, who was listed Friday in stable condition at a New York hospital's isolation unit, while seeking to reassure a jittery public that the threat from the virus was limited.

Dr. Craig Spencer, 33, who was infected after working with Ebola patients in West Africa, on Thursday became the fourth person diagnosed with the disease in the United States and the first in its largest city.

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U.S. airlines see third-quarter profits rise, upbeat outlook


(Reuters) - American Airlines Group (AAL.O), United Airlines (UAL.N) and other carriers reported strong third-quarter profits on Thursday, helped by falling fuel costs, and mostly shrugged off concerns that Ebola could affect their outlook.

Despite concerns about increased competition in some markets, several major U.S. carriers also signaled they would boost capacity, betting on a steady increase in passenger traffic through next year.

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Ebola Case on Domestic Flight – Information, Support, Protections


Today it has been confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the news media is reporting, that a healthcare worker who attended to the Ebola patient in Dallas has contracted the disease. This healthcare worker traveled on a Frontier Airlines flight on October 13. The CDC has begun contact with the passengers and crew who were aboard this flight.

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Flight Attendant Role in Ending Discrimination Featured in Civil Rights 50th Anniversary Event Sponsored by the EEOC


October 23rd at Chicago’s Kent College of Law

AFA has been on the frontlines of advocating for civil rights for over half a century, beginning with the fight for gender equality. As part of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the passage of

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Heightened Awareness - Health Precautions


This week, the CDC confirmed the “first case of Ebola to be diagnosed in the United States.” An airline passenger, who was not exhibiting signs while onboard the aircraft, was flying from Liberia to Dallas and is currently being treated for the disease in Texas.

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