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Access to the Airways Threatened by Gulf Carriers


U.S. airports and the communities they serve are in danger. Right this minute Gulf carriers - Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, and Emirates - backed by billions in interest-free loans and equity infusions from the Qatar and United Arab Emirates governments are attempting to choke the U.S. airline industry out of business. Over $42 billion has been infused into the Gulf carriers in the past decade. This is a direct violation of the Open Skies agreements that are intended to keep the global market competitive.

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Happy Birthday to Flight Attendants

Today marks the 85th anniversary of the first Flight Attendant, Ellen Church. Ellen was a registered pilot and nurse, but wasn't granted the ability to fly. As Ellen began to blaze the trail for Flight Attendants everywhere, we're following her lead as we fight for our jobs and human rights standards. 

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Airlines in America Getting Worse


THOSE who are convinced that airlines in America are engaged in a precipitous race to the bottom have just received a further piece of evidence for their case. The annual Airline Quality Rating (AQR), jointly produced by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Wichita State University, was released yesterday. It found that airline performance in the country got worse last year. The study tracks four areas: customer complaints, baggage handling, punctuality and “involuntary denied boarding”—the number of passengers airlines bump from flights.

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Germanwings 9525 Crew, Passengers and Families in our Thoughts and Prayers


We are all grieved to learn of reports that Germanwings flight 9525 crashed in a remote area of the French Alps with six crewmembers and 144 passengers earlier today. The Airbus A320 operated by Germanwings, a budget subsidiary of Lufthansa, was scheduled to fly to Düsseldorf from Barcelona.

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Germanwings Airbus Carrying 150 Crashes in French Alps


Search and rescue teams were scrambling on Tuesday to reach a remote and rugged site in the southern French Alps where the French aviation authorities confirmed that a German plane carrying 144 passengers and six crew members had crashed while en route to Düsseldorf from Barcelona. It was feared that there were no survivors.

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Stop Fast Track March 4 Day of Action


Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal would devastate U.S. Aviation, jeopardize our job security, and obliterate the democratic process. We need to take action before it’s too late.

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Crew and Passenger Exposure to Contaminated Air on Aircraft


Sheriff Stanhope Payne, Senior Coroner for Dorset raises serious Matters of Concern on Crew and Passenger Exposure to Contaminated Air on Aircraft

London, England (February 20, 2015) –The Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE), established in 2006, is the leading organisation representing air crew (pilots, cabin crew and engineers) and off shore oil workers, that deals specifically with contaminated air issues and cabin air quality. We represent nearly 30 organizations, and over three quarters of a million workers around the world.

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