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AFA Fights Fatigue, Honors Colgan 3407 Crew


As we remember and honor those who perished when Colgan Flight 3407 crashed outside Buffalo six years ago, it is our duty to apply the lessons learned from this tragedy. AFA continues to work to fight fatigue, this year through legislative action.

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Call to Action from AFA: Say No to Fast Track


Watch this video to learn about why we are calling for union-wide action to tell Congress to Vote NO to Fast Track for the TPP.

Then, call 888-966-9836 to be directed to your member of Congress.

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DOT should reject Norwegian Air's foreign air carrier application


The Department of Transportation (DOT) will soon decide whether or not to grant controversial low-cost airline Norwegian Air International (NAI) a foreign air carrier permit to fly to the U.S. NAI is seeking to establish a "flag of convenience" model in transatlantic aviation, just as has been done in merchant shipping since the 1950s. If the DOT were to approve NAI's application, it would likely spell disaster for American aviation workers, carriers and consumers.

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United Trails American as Merger Benefits Fail to Show


Henry Binder, a professor emeritus of medicine at Yale University, has been flying United Airlines for 30 years -- not happily, these days.

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President Video Update


In seven minutes, AFA International President Sara Nelson covers numerous topics:  Silver Airways Flight Attendants join AFA, Alaska contract, Concluding United Bargaining, US Airways Collective Action, AA Wholly-Owned Equal Recognition Needed, Bridge the Gap between Mainline and Regional Contracts, KCM Changes, Ebola Follow Up - Advancing Safety & Health Policy, FAA Reauthorization in 2015, AirTran Last Flight, United 13, Honoring AirAsia, CAL 1404 Heroes, AFA Democracy and Collective Bargaining, Better Together.




Silver Flight Attendants Join AFA


We are thrilled to announce that, today, Silver Airways Flight Attendants voted to join our AFA-CWA family of Flight Attendants! We extend a warm welcome to our union’s newest members who join AFA’s 70-year-long tradition of Flight Attendants working together to raise the bar for our profession.

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Thoughts and Prayers for AirAsia Flight 8501


 December 28, 2014 - We are all concerned with reports that AirAsia Flight 8501, flying from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore, lost contact with Indonesian air traffic control early Sunday in Southeast Asia. According to the airline, the Airbus 320-200 was carrying 162 people: 155 passengers (137 adults, 17 children and 1 infant), 2 pilots, 4 cabin crew and one engineer.

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