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Do I owe Dues while I am on Leave?

The #1 Most Asked Question.

The answer depends on several things. First of all in accordance with the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws every flight attendant on a leave of absence owes dues for the first 3 months of their leave of absence AFTER their compensation from their airline ends. Compensation means utilizing any sick time or vacation time at the commencement of your leave of absence.  Those flight attendants on a military leave or involuntary furlough do not owe these dues.

This is part of the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws:
"Payment of dues shall be required of all members that are on active status during a month or any portion thereof.  A member is responsible for dues payments for the first ninety (90) days of any unpaid leave and who is no longer receiving compensation through the carrier.  This compensation includes, but is not limited to, contractually negotiated sick leave, vacation, or disability.  If a member is on a leave of absence for a full month or longer due to military service and is no longer receiving compensation through a carrier, that member will not be required to continue payment of dues"
*The Constitution and Bylaws is written by the AFA Board of Directors which consists of all LEC Presidents, including yours.
Example of the 90-day leave obligation:
On January 1, a flight attendant breaks their leg skiing, they are not scheduled to return until September.   They have enough time in the sick bank to pay themselves for the month of January and February (paid leave of absence). Their 90-day leave obligation (unpaid leave) would be: March, April and May. They would not owe for the remainder of their leave of absence and upon return to active status the payroll deduction of dues would resume. 
I am on a voluntary furlough, do I owe the 90-day leave obligation?
Yes. The AFA Membership Services Department receives this information from the AFA leaders at your airline. The AFA-CWA database is coded so you are only billed for these 3 months and then the billing stops.
Example of the 90-day leave obligation:
Your voluntary furlough begins on November 1. You would owe dues for November, December and January. If dues are payroll deducted for any of these months, it will be applied to this 90-day leave obligation.

You have 3 options for handling this obligation.

A dues deferral is only available for flight attendants on an unpaid leave of absence.

This deferral moves your obligation to the point in time when you return to active flying. If you are in a financial hardship while on unpaid leave (ex: medical) you may call the AFA-CWA Membership Services Department and ask for the deferral letter.

AFA will send the deferral letter to the member.  It is up to the member to sign and return the letter to AFA Membership Services

Once the signed application is received, your account status will be updated and you will not be billed until you return to work.


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