Never Forget: 21 Years

Never Forget: 21 Years

September 17, 2022 - Our AFA Honor Guard and Flight Attendants around the country honored our heroes on those four fateful flights on September 11, 2001.

On September 9th, Honor Guards Martin Monteblanco, Alaska Council 19 Seattle, and Bruni Agosto, Hawaiian Council 43 Honolulu, took part in remembrance ceremonies at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol alongside AFA International Officers, APFA, and ALPA.

Honor Guards Karen Augustus, United Council 21 Washington, D.C., and Tanya Clarke, Endeavor Council 45 New York, honored our heroes at Ground Zero on September 11th.

First Lady Jill Biden and her sister Bonny, a current United AFA Flight Attendant, joined our Honor Guards Shane Dillon, United Council 21 Washington, D.C, and Yan Yan Teague, Alaska Council 19 Seattle, in Shanksville, PA to remember the crew of United Airlines Flight 93. Over 30 United Flight Attendants, United Pilots, and members of victims families joined the remembrance ceremony.

Flight Attendants also took part in remembrances in San Diego and Fort Lauderdale.

Whether you flew in tribute to our heroes or recognized the day in some other way, know that you are part of a Flight Attendant family, and that through our unity, we are strong, resourceful and resilient. We will #NeverForget.

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