Our Vote. Our Power. Our Voice.

Our Vote. Our Power. Our Voice.

June 5, 2020 — Across the country, we are seeing the power of action in our democracy. We're out in the streets and we will continue our action at protests to stand up for Black lives.

Who we elect has consequences in every part of our lives, but especially as Flight Attendants at work. Have you ever wondered the impact government has on our profession, which federal agencies directly impacts your safety and health, and how that is determined? 

Flight Attendants are at the forefront of COVID-19 recovery efforts. AFA has been calling for a federal response plan to ensure passengers our airports and planes will be safe. The people we elect must prioritize safety and recognize the essential role aviation plays in our economy. 

We are counting on every AFA member and their families to vote. The November 3, 2020 election will determine what we can achieve for working families and for our profession. 

Even in a “normal” year Flight Attendants cannot assume we’'ll be able to cast your vote on Election Day. This year the COVID-19 pandemic has added concern and uncertainty around what Election Day will look like across the country. Make a Plan to vote.

2020 Election Checklist

  1. Is your voter registration status up to date? 

    Many states have been purging voter registration lists in preparation for the 2020 elections. If you have not voted in the past year, have moved, or changed your name you may not be eligible to vote this November. You may have missed the deadline for your state’s primary but there's still time to register to vote for the General Election in November. 
  2. Request to and absentee ballot to vote from home. 

    Five states, CO, HI, OR, UT, and WA already conduct all elections using home ballots. All states allow certain voters to request to vote absentee. This year more states are making it easier to request a permanent absentee ballot allowing people to vote safely in their homes. Check and see if voting from home is available for you.
  3. Learn the issues and check what is on the ballot. 

    All jurisdictions prepare a voting guide with an overview of candidate and ballot initiatives, Check to see what’s on your ballot. (Voter guides are usually updated a month before election day or ballots are mailed)

Get Your Personal Voting Info Now

Volunteer to Get Out the Vote

We're looking for Flight Attendants to volunteer for virtual phone banking and other Get Out the Vote activities for the 2020 election. 

Volunteer to Get Out the Vote

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