Petition: Pass the PRO Act and Protect Workers’ Rights

Sign the Petition: Pass the PRO Act and Protect Workers’ Rights

July 20, 2021 - Essential workers. That title is literally about life and death this year. There is no more urgent time to protect the rights of working people. Workplace safety was won and enforced by unions—and without unions inequality runs rampant and our health declines. The PRO Act matters to all Americans and lifts up our essential workers.

Over the past year, millions of workers suddenly experienced in a new way just how important it is to have a voice and standing on the job—whether they needed PPE, clear distancing and quarantine procedures, fair furlough or layoff processes or hazard pay. The sad reality too many faced is that without a union contract, they have no real standing or recourse

Corporations, Wall Street, and the 1% have rigged the scales against workers. The PRO Act restores our full right to strike, crucial to collective bargaining and reaching agreements quicker, holds corporations and individuals accountable for interfering with a worker’s free right to join a union and defines all work as work—ending misclassification of workers.

We owe working people everything this year. Sign the Petition below. 

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