Register Now: Webcast on Monday, Feb. 11 at 5pm Eastern

Register Now: Webcast on Monday, Feb. 11 at 5pm Eastern

This is an ALL CALL. Register now to join the Monday Webcast detailing the impact of a continued Shutdown on our safety, security and jobs. Washington has not reached an agreement to secure funding for our government – the vital agencies that we need to do our jobs and keep people safe. This morning, representatives from the White House are saying a continued shutdown is not off the table.

The damage done in the first 35 days of the shutdown left our industry at a breaking point. Our jobs are on the line and we must take action. Our safety and security is on the line and it has no business in the middle of politics. We must take action.

Please join us Monday, February 11 at 5pm Eastern at this link to review what's at stake and how Flight Attendants can protect ourselves, our passengers, and our jobs. 

Use the link to register for the webcast. All Flight Attendants are invited to join.

Watch why the Shutdown affects Flight Attendants > 

Interruptions to the aviation system have already had real-world cost for flight attendants, including lost trips and increased stress. A continued shutdown will threaten the stability of our work and our safety. 

Many of the systems that were interrupted during the shutdown have not yet come back online. Federal workers have not even been given all the pay they lost. The uncertainty about a continued shutdown creates more stress in safety-sensitive jobs that require no distractions. We cannot afford one more day, and our union is preparing action to prevent it.

If federal workers can't do their jobs, we can't do ours. 

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