Save the Date: Day of Action June 13!

Save the Date: Day of Action June 13!

May 3, 2024—CODE RED: Summer travel is coming and corporate greed is in full swing. 

We’re kicking off this red hot Solidarity Summer with a Worldwide Flight Attendant Day of Action to demand our contracts. Airline executives have had no problem dolling out massive raises for themselves. We’re coming for our share of the profits we create.

Our solidarity transcends airlines. Together, in the height of summer travel season, we’ll show management and the flying public that we are united in the fight to raise the standards for our careers. No matter what uniform we wear, we’ve earned the long-term security, benefits, flexibility, dignity, and respect that comes with a strong contract. It’s time for airline management to pay up and get this done.

Join us on Thursday, June 13, at more than 30 airports for a Worldwide Day of Action. It's our turn.

In the meantime, show your solidarity by joining our union siblings at APFA for their picket on May 9. Finally, stand up for our careers and rights by writing a letter or calling your Representative in Congress and urging them to sign on to a congressional letter to the National Mediation Board.

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