September 11th 20 Year Remembrance

September 11th 20 Year Remembrance

August 20, 2021 - Twenty years ago, we made a promise to Never Forget the events of September 11, 2001 and never allow them to be repeated. No matter the uniform we wear, the routes we fly, or the years we have worn our wings we will always remember the events of September 11th and lift up our heroes. 

United 93Our sixth annual AFA Honor Guard will attend services at our nation’s three national memorials to ensure the public remembers the sacrifice of Flight Attendants. This Honor Guard is comprised of Flight Attendants who have done work to advance our Never Forget priorities:

National Flight 93 Memorial Shanksville
Kaitlin White, United Council 11 San Francisco
Stephanie Davenport, Piedmont Council 61 Philadelphia

National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial
Colleen Burns, Spirit Council 77 Chicago
Mary Garton, United Council 12 Los Angeles

September 11th Memorial New York
Ralph Bagarella, United Council 27 Boston
Ingrid Hernandez, United Council 06 Newark

In addition to the three national memorials, Flight Attendants will be attending remembrance events around the country. Find an event near you >

As the 20th Remembrance approaches, we want to hear from you. Share memories of that tragic day to highlight the tremendous bravery of our frontline heroes. 

Submit a video story about what September 11th means to you > Recounting the events of the day as it unfolded. A memory of a Flight Attendant you still carry with you. How the events of that day changed our profession. After that fateful day, what does being a Flight Attendant mean to you?

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