TAKE ACTION: Keep Families Together


July 2, 2019 — Flight Attendants have directly been affected in the course of our work by changes to immigration policy and many Flight Attendants have family who are concerned right now that they will be separated from our loved ones. All Flight Attendants are first responders and committed to the safety and wellbeing of every passenger on our planes. We serve as ambassadors of freedom, helping hundreds of millions of people traverse the United States and the globe. We are often the first to confront the issues that are foremost in public discourse and experience public policy changes. We promote deescalation of conflict in order to ensure safe and secure passage and our industry has led promotion of human rights and peace. Therefore we call on our entire industry to work together to put a stop to any policies that lead to forced family separations, inhumane and unsafe conditions or spread panic and fear.

Last week, AFA's Executive Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution to support keeping families together, children safe, and in opposition to ICE raids that are spreading fear in our communities.

Many Flight Attendants have spoken up about the crisis on the southern border and asking our union to take action.

Today, Tuesday, July 2, dozens of organizations are leading a #CloseTheCamps day of action, calling for advocates across the country to hold vigils in local communities, contact our representatives, and demand that the administration end the inhumane treatment of immigrants at the border and in our communities.

There is a website where you can find events to join today or use other tools to make your voice heard. We encourage all members to take action that best works for you.

AFA will continue fighting to ensure that Flight Attendants are never put in a position of being forced to participate in unjust policies.

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