Take Action: Stop the Tax $ Grab

Take Action: Stop the Tax $ Grab

December 6, 2017 — Last week the Senate voted for permanent tax cuts for corporations along with incentives for outsourcing American jobs. Some working families will get a temporary tax cut, but lose the right to deductions effectively raising taxes while cutting programs working people and retirees need, like Social Security, Medicare and access to education.

Every Republican Senator put Wall Street ahead of working Americans like all of us. But, your Representative can make the difference. Call now to tell them to vote against the tax bill that was written for Wall Street.

Call your Representative now 855-980-2331 to tell them not to give handouts to big corporations and hurt working families.

Tax Cuts

We have one last chance to stop this. The Senate and House bulls must be reconciled and voted on again.

According to research done by the Tax Policy Center, to pay for the huge corporate tax cuts, the bill actually raises taxes for many working families. The bill caps deductions for state and local taxes, eliminating deductions for medical costs, and putting new taxes on educational and training benefits. Even so, there will be a shortfall, so passing the bill will trigger automatic spending cuts - including $25 billion from Medicare.

These changes are going to come back to the House for a vote on a final bill, and your Representative needs to know that people like you are watching them and will fight against these irresponsible corporate tax giveaways.

Tell your Representative you won’t stand for corporate handouts that hurt people in your community.

To read more about the bill, go to Americans for Tax Fairness.

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