Take Action to End the Shutdown

Take Action to End the Shutdown

January 21, 2019 - The government shutdown is in Day 31. Real people are facing real consequences during the longest shutdown in history. No money to pay for rent, for childcare, or a tank of gas to get to work.

 The federal worker stretching insulin through the night and wondering if she will wake up in the morning. The transportation security officer in her third trimester with no certainty for her unborn child. The corrections officer who tried to take his own life because he saw no other way out. The air traffic controller who whispered to his union leader, “I just don’t know how long I can hang on.”

The situation is changing rapidly. Major airports are already seeing security checkpoints closing. Many more will follow. Safety inspectors and federal cybersecurity staff are on furlough, not working. The layers of safety and security that keep us safe are not in place due to the shutdown.

As this continues, our jobs are in jeopardy too.

Call Congress now at 866-803-8830. The message is simple:

Democrats and Republicans agree. Bring to a vote in the Senate on House bills, HR 21 and H. J. Res 1, to end the shutdown and open the government. Southern border security is important and should be addressed while the government is open so that other key safety and security is not eroded or halted. End the shutdown.

Watch International President Sara Nelson talk with CNN New Day on these issues >

The whole industry is united in calling for an end to the Shutdown.

In an unprecedented unified message, AFA joined the entire airline industry in calling on the President and Congress to #StopTheShutdown. The letter cites serious concerns over safety, security, and workforce hardships. Read the entire letter > 

Every area of aviation is represented. "A4A" includes United, American, Southwest, FedEx, Alaska, JetBlue, and Hawaiian. "RAA" is all of the regional airlines. General aviation, cargo, drone operators, manufacturers, and unions.

Call Congress now at 866-803-8830!

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