Tell Congress: Put People First

Tell Congress: Put People First

The coronavirus pandemic is decimating our aviation industry. It is a public health crisis and it is creating a financial catastrophe that dwarfs the economic cost of the Great Recession and September 11th combined.

We've seen catastrophe before. We know what didn't work before and we won't let those things happen again. We need relief that focuses on real people. And we have a plan for that.

Flight Attendants and other aviation workers have been on the frontlines of the coronavirus emergency from day one. Before most Americans knew what COVID-19 meant, we were calling for government action to keep it from disrupting our lives and our economy.

Our plan is focused on keeping people on the payroll and stopping furloughs. Airlines are burning cash so quickly they will not be able to meet payroll within a few months, if not a few weeks. You will see furlough announcements that reflect this, but know this: we are working with airlines to get relief that keeps the paychecks going without furloughs.

Washington is gearing up to save aviation. But we cannot accept another “no strings attached” government bailout for corporations and their executives that leaves Flight Attendants and aviation workers behind. This time it will be a RELIEF package focused on workers first with no stock buybacks or dividends and no executive bonuses.

Send a letter to your members of Congress to demand that any public relief plan be a People First plan with legally-binding rules, including (but not limited to):

  1. Paycheck continuation without furloughs/layoffs
  2. No stock buybacks
  3. No executive bonuses
  4. No dividends
  5. No breaking union contracts

Amplify Your Message with a Call

Call your Member of Congress and Senators now and tell them to support our position on a People First relief package for aviation.

SENATE: 855-973-4213

HOUSE: 877-782-8274

Read more about our plan in this article >

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