The 2019 AFA Census Key Findings

The 2019 AFA Census Key Findings

  • Nearly three-quarters of AFA members are women



  • 45% of all AFA Members have a college degree or more education.

  • Nearly half of AFA Members are aged 50 or over and the other half aged 50 or under.

  • Half of AFA members identify with a moral or faith-based tradition and one-third of those attend religious services once a week or more often.



  • Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans more than two to one among AFA members, and twice as many describe themselves as liberal or progressive than those who describe themselves as conservative.

  • Four-fifths say they typically vote in presidential elections.
  • When asked what they believe should be the AFA's top priorities for contract improvements, members most frequently rank: pay, work rules, schedule flexibility, healthcare, and retirement in their top three priorities.

  • Nearly all AFA members (92%) consider it very important that AFA has achieved Flight Attendant inclusion in the TSA Known Crewmember (KCM) program at most of the airlines it represents.

  • When asked which of AFA's legislative achievements in the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Bill they consider meaningful, members most frequently mention 10-hours minimum rest, a fatigue risk management plan, technologies to combat contaminated bleed air, no knives on planes ever again, banning voice calls on planes, banning electronic cigarette smoking on planes, and emotional support and service animal standards.

  • AFA Members who identify as Black/African, Latin, or another racial or ethnic identity, those who identify as LGBTQ+, and those aged 18 to 29 are more likely than others to say they want to be more involved with their Union.
  • Four-fifths prefer to receive union news via email. The next highest preference is 5.5% via direct-mail. Very few prefer to receive union communications through any other medium.
  • 65% of AFA Members have used Family Leave for themselves of an eligible family member.
  • 5% of AFA Members said they are the only union member in their family.
  • Nearly four-fifths of AFA Members plan to work as a Flight Attendant until retirement. The other one-fifth said they did not know or preferred not to say if they plan to work as a Flight Attendant until retirement.

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