Thoughts and Prayers for Oscar Munoz

United Messages of Well-Wishing for Oscar

Today we received a message of gratitude from the Munoz family:

"Words cannot describe how truly grateful and humbled we are by the amount of love, generosity, and gratitude we have received from each of you in the past few days. Though we have only been with United for a short amount of time, your outreach has shown us how fortunate we are to be a part of the United family.

"We continue to read your words of encouragement and know that our spirits remain high as we look forward to a healthy recovery."

Over the weekend we heard from many Flight Attendants who shared ideas about how to express our support as a collective group. The common theme was a desire for a unified message that "We are United in wishing Oscar well." We have shared this message with United executives and confirmed the following two ways for Flight Attendants to express well-wishes:

  1. Sign an oversized Get Well Card AFA will provide in each domicile. The cards are being printed now and will arrive in domiciles as soon as possible.
  2. Provide a video message from you and/or your crew. Upload your short video clip with a message along the lines of, "We are United in wishing you well, Oscar." We will edit together all of the clips for a video card from all Flight Attendants (and please share with other employees who are welcome to join us). Go to to upload your short video.

We continue to encourage everyone to avoid speculation and keep our thoughts focused on good health.

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