Today Never Should Have Been

Today Never Should Have Been

October 1, 2020 

Dear Flight Attendants:

Today never should have happened. You have served our country faithfully during this pandemic and carefully done your job.

When the furloughs were announced you helped bring attention to the need for an extension of the Payroll Support Program. You brought to life the real people who make up the brilliance of our country and keep it connected. You shared your stories with each other and the world. You moved Washington to agreement - widespread bipartisan agreement. But our leaders failed to make their agreement law and tens of thousands of our aviation family woke up without a job, a paycheck, or the certainty of healthcare. Washington's inaction is cruel and completely unnecessary.

That is why the outcome of today cannot stand. 

Airline CEOs have confirmed furloughs will be rescinded and pay restored if Congress finds a way to extend the Payroll Support Program within the coming days. 

We are not done fighting. I said last night that Washington just woke up and today was indeed a long and busy day. I must call out the leadership of Chairman Peter DeFazio of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He has been our champion throughout this process, first in helping us secure PSP in March and now fighting like hell to extend it. It is champions like Chairman DeFazio and the action of all of you that give me hope tonight and allows me to share that hope with you. 

Give each other space to grieve, and hold each other close to find our resolve. True love rests in action for one another. What happened today was wrong, but we can find new strength in our collective efforts to make it right. There is no doubt we have reason to act, but tonight we can also report there is reason to hope. Keep the pressure on for what is right.

We stand with you always.

In Solidarity,
Sara, Deb, and Kevin

While Congress and the administration continue to negotiate a broader deal, aviation workers cannot wait. Congress must pass a standalone PSP extension through March, 2021, to support essential aviation workers, prevent mass furloughs and protect our broader economy.

Call Congress: Pass Standalone PSP Extension Bill 

SENATE: 888-848-4824

HOUSE: 888-907-9365

"Hello, I am a constituent calling to tell my (Senator/Representative) that aviation workers are out of time. Furloughs have begun and we only have days to reverse course. We need a stand-alone extension of the Payroll Support Program TODAY. Without an extension of this successful jobs program, there is no backstop for layoffs. This is just the start. Inaction is not an option. We are out of time #ExtendPSP now. Thank you.”

Write Congress
Send a letter to your Representative and two Senators >

Tweet Your Representative and Senators (add pictures of you in uniform to each!):

We've made it easy to Tweet at your lawmakers. Click here to get started. Or, you can copy and paste the following Tweets into your Twitter. 

Massive layoffs have begun for Flight Attendants & aviation workers. We only have a few days to reverse course. Extend the Payroll Support Program TODAY,  [tag your Senators/Representative]! Pass #ReliefNow to save my job & healthcare! #ExtendPSP

I’m one of thousands of furloughed Flight Attendants who needs [tag your Senators/Representative] to act to extend the Payroll Support Program TODAY. We need #ReliefNow! #ExtendPSP

Tell your personal story using the hashtags #ReliefNow and #ExtendPSP

If you do not know your Senators or Representatives' Twitter handles you can find them here! Don't have Twitter, set up an account today to take action. Here's how >

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