U.S. State Department to Announce Understanding with Qatar

U.S. State Department to Announce Understanding with Qatar

AFA Interactive: January 29, 2018

Media outlets reported yesterday that the U.S. Government and Qatar have reached a diplomatic understanding: "Qatar is expected to agree on Tuesday to release detailed financial information about its state-owned Qatar Airways, U.S. State Department officials said late on Sunday, a move that follows pressure from U.S. airlines for it to disclose any potential subsidies it has received." Reuters report >

We expect a formal announcement on the Understanding with Qatar tomorrow, which is an important first step. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and their state-subsidized carriers Emirates and Etihad also need to come to the table. There is more to do and we will continue to take action.

The Qatar Understanding comes after two years of talks between Qatar and the State Department over the unfair subsidies.

Your voices moved over 300 Members of Congress, with equal representation from both Democrats and Republicans, to press the Administration to address the violations of the Open Skies Agreements with the Gulf States.

This Understanding addresses some of the concerns we have over the violations of the Open Skies Agreement and it is an important first step to protecting our jobs. We appreciate Secretary Tillerson’s commitment to taking this issue seriously.

We will watch closely to determine whether Qatar takes steps to end its current subsidy-focused practices and embrace a transparent business model that reflects internationally accepted accounting and auditing standards. If implemented, these actions will enable the U.S. government to hold the Qatari government accountable to meet the requirements of the Open Skies agreement and ensure that U.S. airlines and our jobs are protected from unfair foreign competition. 

We will continue to push for full enforcement of Agreements with Qatar and the UAE in order to protect our jobs.

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