Uniform Gender Expression Survey

Uniform Gender Expression Survey

August 26, 2022 — In order to make sure that Flight Attendants are able to express who we are, it is critical that we understand the importance of gender expression, and ensure our airlines provide equal opportunity to dress and present ourselves in ways that reflect who we are. This is critical to creating a supportive culture, which in turn allows each of us as Flight Attendants to do our job with pride and comfort.

Companies should understand this issue ultimately affects the bottom line. Disallowing Flight Attendants to dress and express in ways that align with their genders is communicating that they are not valuable as employees. Providing this flexibility across carriers or the industry, will send a signal to other industries that we support and advocate for all people. Further, this will impact not only retention of current Flight Attendants, but will also result in recruiting a wider range of skilled Flight Attendants to this industry.

While movements are happening, and policies have been changed, we need everyone to have the opportunity to express themselves.

AFA is working with other aviation unions and PRIDE@Work to identify these issues together and make sure that we are protecting all Flight Attendants so that we are able to be seen and heard and are able to dress in the way that makes us feel seen in our place of work.

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This survey is being conducted to identify those who are feeling discriminated against in the workplace in regards to uniform choices, uniform policies, and guidelines at their airlines.

It is also worth noting that many workplaces already have these opportunities and protections in place for every employee, based on EEOC Protections Against Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity. We want to make sure Flight Attendants are fully supported in exercising our rights.

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