AFA Rallies at EWR for U.S. Aviation Jobs

AFA Rallies at EWR for U.S. Aviation Jobs

March 12, 2017 — AFA members, ALPA and other unions, along with United Airlines management, rallied at Newark Airport to protest the launch of Emirates Airlines flight from Athens to Newark. This route is permissible under the U.S.-Gulf States Open Skies agreements. However, Emirates is only able to enter this obscure market due to enormous subsidies received from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government, in violation of this same agreement.

United AFA President Ken Diaz spoke about the impact on U.S. aviation jobs on Sunday.

The Gulf carriers have received over $50 billion in government subsidies. Each new route operated by these subsidized carriers (Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways) translates into a loss of nearly 800 U.S. jobs. We welcome competition, but it must be fair and on a level playing field.

United Flight Attendants have already lost flights to Emirates due to these enormous subsidies. United successfully operated the Dulles-Dubai flight for seven years. But on January 25, 2016, the flight ceased to operate. At that time, our Washington-Dulles base lost approximately 125 bid positions. Now, Emirates is targeting Newark and our Newark-Athens flight is at risk.

The Trump Administration has pledged to protect U.S. jobs. But, no action has been taken to protect U.S. aviation jobs.

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