Unruly Passenger Survey

What's your experience on the line in 2021 with passenger behavior?

June 25, 2021 — As unruly passenger incidents remain at an all time high, our union is launching a platform to collect your experiences to fully assess the problem and help get meaningful support to all crews. 

Take this five minute anonymous survey to share your experiences with unruly passengers onboard this year.

Self Defense Training
This week, the TSA announced the resumption of Crewmember Self Defense Training classes on July 1. The program is helpful in gaining skills for defense and confident positioning. However, as we have advocated since September 11, 2001, this training should be mandatory and part of our paid initial and recurrent training in order to build the muscle memory to use the tactics immediately when attacks advance without warning. Still, the resumption of the voluntary course is positive and should send a message to the flying public as well that these unruly incidents are serious. Flight Attendants are onboard for the safety and security of everyone on the plane.

The voluntary four-hour training is offered to flight crew members free of charge and is held at 24 locations around the United States. All active flight crew members for domestic carriers are eligible to register for the training. You can register here.

Our union continues to work with other unions, lawmakers, the FAA, DOT, and airline management on more that needs to be done to get this under control. 

Alcohol is a major contributor to unruly passenger events. Make sure you keep this regulation handy as you advise the public that they cannot carry a drink onto the plane or consume their own alcohol on the plane. Federal regulations also affirm passengers may be refused boarding if they appear to be intoxicated. 

The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) regulation § 121.575 alcoholic beverages: (a) No person may drink any alcoholic beverage aboard an aircraft unless the certificate holder operating the aircraft has served that beverage to him.

AFA EAP is always available at 800-424-2406. Additionally, make sure you’re copying in your AFA safety committee on unruly incidents to ensure our union can follow up with the airlines and regulators.

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