URGENT: Keep Calling Congress Today for Our Jobs

URGENT: Keep Calling Congress Today for Our Jobs

March 23, 2020 — We built a relief package that is centered on Flight Attendants and other workers. The Senate Democrats unanimously took a stand against McConnell's bill that would have resulted in massive layoffs and created another corporate slush fund. The Senate Democrats and the White House agree that our plan that is focused on workers is the better plan and now we need to fight hard to get it locked in!

Our plan is built from the ground up to get relief directly to all of us, who are also taxpayers. Direct government aid to keep people in our jobs, getting our paychecks, and connected to healthcare.

This is historic. Never before has relief been packaged in a way that requires the money to go directly to the workers, directly back to the taxpayers. Executives can't touch it. It must all go to payroll for all people on the frontlines.

Congress is still debating a COVID-19 stimulus bill today. Our jobs are on the line. We need every Flight Attendant, pilot, family member and friend to make calls today. 

SENATE: 855-973-4213

HOUSE: 877-782-8274

Call your representatives right now! Then, click here to send a tweet and tag your Senator or Representative. Click here to send an email. Urge them to prioritize keeping workers on the payroll in any stimulus bill.

Watch AFA on MSNBC this morning talking about a #WorkersFirst plan: 

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