Walking the Picket Line with Striking GM Workers

Walking the Picket Line with Striking GM Workers

September 27, 2019 — Flight Attendants are standing with our 50,000 UAW sisters and brothers who are striking at General Motors. AFA International President Sara Nelson, AFA Envoy President Robert Barrow and more Flight Attendants joined UAW Local 276 on the picket line in Arlington, Texas on Monday. 

UAW workers at GM are on Day 12 of the strike for fair wages, affordable quality healthcare, their share of profits, job security, defined path to permanent seniority for temporary workers. Get out on the picket line near you >

Their fight is our fight. We are Stronger Together, Better Together. Don’t live near a picket line? Send a Tweet or Share on Facebook a message of solidarity to our sisters and brothers at UAW. 

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